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Our own Lauren looking stunning 

on her wedding day!

Custom Bridal Veils

We have been creating bridal veils for decades and are happy to offer our most popular styles to you. 

Each veil is created in-house by special order only.

Please order your veil once you have chosen your gown or no later than two months prior to your wedding date.  For lace veils, please provide a photo of your gown and we will assist in finding the perfect lace.

All of our veils are made from fine tulle, Swarovski crystals, 

Czech beading and fine Laces.  

To Order your veil, please email us at [email protected] with the following information:

1.  Choose your veil type:  Single layer, Double layer, with or without a Blusher?

2.  Choose your veil length:  Birdcage, Elbow, Fingertip, Waltz length or Cathedral

3.  Choose your trim option:  Lace, Crystal, or no trim

4.  Choose your crown option:  Czech beading on crown or plain

Pricing varies depending upon length, layer and trim options. 

General price range of veils is from only $65 to $325 for most styles.

Example:  Mantilla fingertip veil, as shown in photo above is only $225.00

Cathedral veils with full custom lace trim, mantilla style, range from $325 to $750 depending upon the style of lace chosen.

For cost savings, a great option is to add lace to bottom 1/2 to 3/4 of veil only.